Technical Evaluation Guidelines


Technical evaluators are bound to respect the confidentiality of information provided in an EOSC-Life proposal. Technical evaluators must not disclose or otherwise exploit this confidential information for any purpose. 

Applicants are expected to make contact with the technical experts in advance of the submission of their proposals to discuss requirements of the applicants and align these with the capacity of the WP, bring in technical perspectives, and provide feedback on the proposal to help the applicants to refine their project plan. Technical evaluators should, where possible, be assigned as the expert who has been liaising with the applicant during the proposal maturation phase.

As a first assessment step, the proposals will be evaluated by technical experts in the work packages that will be involved in providing support or expertise (WP1, WP2, WP7). If applicants refrain from requesting explicit support by any of the work packages but decide to run their project independently, they are still asked in the application form to describe how their project aligns with at least one of the work packages and are asked to contact the experts in this work package to discuss their project. Technical experts from the relevant work packages will assess if the project applicant possesses the right technical skills for the project to be successful in the proposed time frame.

Technical evaluation forms should be completed online via ARIA within 3 weeks of the call close (by 19th January 2021). 

The scientific reviewers, who will review scientific excellence and potential impact, will be invited to review the proposals that have passed the technical evaluation. 

The technical evaluation considers the following aspects: 

  • Technical impact of the proposal and alignment of the project with the EOSC goals and expertise.

  • Maturity of the project: applicants should be ready to start the work within 2 months after project acceptance.

  • Feasibility of the project to be successfully conducted with the mentioned project partners (internal and external to EOSC-Life) and within the proposed time frame (which should be approximately 12 months). 

  • Availability of required technologies and expertise within the requested EOSC-Life work package.

  • Technical ability of the project team: ability to conduct fully or partially the planned project work. 

  • Availability of required technologies (infrastructure, hardware and cloud resources) for the project within the applicant project team.


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