EOSC-Life Digital Life Science Open Call Terms of Submission



The Digital Life Sciences Open Call will provide both funding for the project team and technical expertise and training from the EOSC-Life consortium to enable the delivery of complex cloud-connected life science research projects. Funding allocated to the project team should contribute to the salary costs of experts working on the project. Projects should budget for approximately one full time post equivalent for the duration of the project. 

Areas covered by EOSC-Life experts:

  • Data curation, handling and integration for publishing into the cloud (AKA WP1)
  • Tool interoperability, workflows and containerisation (AKA WP2)
  • Cloud deployment and resources (AKA WP7)

Applicants must use the “Contact Experts” button to be assigned EOSC-Life experts for each applicable area relevant to their project, in order to discuss project feasibility. This contact should be made as early as possible before submitting their proposal to allow sufficient time for consultations with the experts.

What projects are eligible?

Applications are invited from scientists working on research projects within a life science domain which will contribute to and/or take advantage of cloud-based data and analysis. The point of this Open Call is to make data and/or workflows available to the EOSC and the scientific community. Data and workflows should be available at the point of application and should not have to be generated from scratch. Projects will be considered if they make resources (data, workflows...) available within the EOSC that have a wide and demonstrable impact and use beyond a single project. Projects should not aim to improve/modify already available datasets and workflows (e.g: curation of pre-existing dataset, modification of existing workflows).

Who is eligible?

Applicants can be affiliated with either academic institutions, research organisations, or industry.

Applicants must be associated with an institution eligible to receive EU funding

Funding arrangements

Successful project applicants will be linked to the EOSC-Life project consortium if they are not already within the consortium via 3rd party contracts to transfer resources to their institution for the project work to be carried out. Signatories of these contracts will be the applicant’s institute and one of the two institutions within EOSC-Life running this call and holding the budget, Instruct-ERIC or EMBL. In cases where the main applicants would like to include project team members (see also further below) outside of their own institution and assign part of the resources to them, it is the responsibility of the main applicant to put the respective legal contracts in place. EOSC-Life partners will only establish the contract with the main applicant.

Applicants and their teams should ensure that the lead organsiation is able to conclude such a third-party contract and that measures are in place to conclude the contract without unreasonable delay. If within three months of notification of project acceptance by the EOSC-Life Digital Life Science Open Call team, the third party contract has not been signed by the applicant’s organisation, EOSC-Life reserves the right to terminate the project.

For successful applicants already within the EOSC-Life consortium, budget will be transferred internally between the applying beneficiary and either Instruct-ERIC or EMBL.

Projects must not be double-funded. In alignment with H2020 financial rules the total amount of personnel costs claimed from the Digital Life Science Open Call or in other EU and Euratom grants for a person for a year must NOT be higher than the total personnel costs recorded for that person for that year.

Submission requirements

Proposals have to be submitted online via ARIA according to the guidelines and templates provided.

Applicants must register on the Instruct website where the proposal submission forms and further information is available or contact us directly at opencall@eosc-life.eu 

Deadline for proposal submission is Wednesday 22th December (17:00 CET (16:00 GMT, 15:00 EET). Only submissions received in full before this deadline will be considered for acceptance. 

Applicants must have made contact with technical experts in the areas relevant to their application before submission. See “Maturation phase” for more information.

The EOSC-Life Digital Life Sciences Open Call might only cover part of the costs needed to develop or execute a training activity. Details shall be described in the proposal.

For successful projects, EOSC-Life and its partner infrastructures can use the title and the short description of the project, to promote the activities taking place within EOSC-Life. Successful projects may also be invited to contribute towards scientific highlights and success stories resulting from their work.

Successful projects agree to assist the EOSC-Life Digital Life Sciences Open Call team by providing reports on project progress and feedback on the project and EOSC-Life processes when requested.

The main applicant is responsible for collecting consent from other applicants to use their personal information (e.g. names, email addresses).

Personal data collected in the context of the EOSC-Life Digital Life Science Open Call (name, email address, nationality and country of residence) and any other personal data volunteered by data subject (i.e. role or specialisation) will be processed in order to carry out the EOSC-Life Digital Life Science Open Call activities in accordance with EOSC-life Digital Life Science Open Call Privacy Policy.


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